Some Friends

These names are in no particuliar order

  • Liz One Of the first. people I met On the net. I think you are AWESOME too.
  • Spike (Or Taz) She is "The Queen Flamer"
  • Mouse (Folle souris) *LOL* Sorry for laughing at you Mouse. She is the Queen of email.
  • Sean The Bastard, You will have to meet him to experince his madness. *LOL*
  • Lasha, One of the best poets I know.
  • Bunky, She could cheer anyone up.
  • Nikki A pretty cool friend
  • Casey Anne She sends a lot of funny email.
  • Susan, She is a cool friend to have
  • Silver He is silver. *LOL*
  • Heat Hey What is that you put about me on Your HP???? *L*
  • mer (MCD), Your one of the coolest friends I have
  • Shmirky, Hey When are you gonna kill me with your voice?
  • Nora FITH!!!!!!!!
  • 7Mary3 (7M2), I wanna go to that track!!
  • Candice, A cool friend other than being a cheesehead
  • Allison (truthful), A cool friend that I hope to meet sometime in the near future.
  • Levara She likes to dance on tables *LOL*
  • Jimmy (A.K.A 420 24/7) Hey I gotta get down to S.J. sometimes and meet you.
  • Andra What Color is your hair today???
  • Hugs---
  • Snoggy W*E*L*C*O*M*E To my Homepage! *LOL
  • Kacee Uh Who are you? *LOL* Sorry but I don't know what to put.
  • Becca (Cyndal) My Cyber Twin. She loves McDonalds and Chinese food too and we both have footprints on our head. *LOL*
  • Eowyn *mumbles from underneath a corn field* The corn Queen who works at LJS!! *LMAO*
  • DOPIE!!!!!!!! (pobie) *LOL*
  • Figgy A fellow Metallica nut. *LOL*
  • Weasel One of the only people I know with emaculate knowledge of music.
  • Shebee, I'm so glad I got to meet you. I had a good time at McDonalds *LOL* Hope I get to see you again in the near future.
  • Sculder, Like the name. so how's the Webring? *LOL*
  • Sod@, You're always making me laugh. I hope to have you as a friend for a long time.

    If I have forgot you Oh well. *LOL* email me and I will get you on here as soon as I can.

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